CHAPTER I – At the beginning of the space age. OREGON 1957: I was 10 years old. One cool night my family huddled around the state-of-the-art Motorola color television listening to a network news report about the Sputnik, Earth’s first artificial satellite, launched by the Russians.             “One […]

Spanish Version

Introducción Al momento que usted decide ejercer su derecho a la segunda enmienda federal  al artículo 1, sección 27 de llevar un arma encubierta – legalmente o no- usted debe saber las leyes del estado. El propósito de Arma Encubierta  es ayudar a los portadores de armas encubiertas […]

The Best Defense

             The moment you decide to exercise your federal second amendment right or your Oregon Article 1, Section 27 right to carry a concealed handgun—legally or not—you need to know state laws. The purpose of Oregon Concealed is to help concealed handgun carriers […]