Oregon Concealed

Oregon Concealed

Dealing with the bad guy, then enforcement. 

            The moment you decide to exercise your federal second amendment right or your Oregon Article 1, Section 27 right to carry a concealed handgun—legally or not—you need to know state laws. The purpose of Oregon Concealed is to help concealed handgun carriers understand both their responsibilities as well as Oregon law with real world application of the when, where, and how of lawful concealed handgun carry and use. Oregon Concealed is not meant to be a general discussion of the merits and/or shortcomings of Oregon’s gun laws. Instead, the reader will precisely understand outcomes and application of the laws resulting from readers’ choices to carry a concealed hand gun.

Writers Project_004

Oregon Concealed is organized into chapters that make for easy to find substantive views on different aspects or applications of the law and current issues surrounding those applications. Many currently available books on this subject deal mainly with federal second amendment issues and broad debates about gun laws. Some reiterate Oregon laws, but fail to cover the nuances and dilemma of choices confronting those who choose to carry a handgun. Oregon Concealed presents, in clear and straightforward terms, what every gun owner who wishes to carry a concealed handgun must know. It is written in plain English.

            Oregon Concealed does not pretend to be apolitical. Ending chapters give the author’s political perspective, but only as it pertains to understanding the layered gun laws as they are applied today. The views stated are the author’s, but they are offered to the reader as context in which to understand Oregon gun laws as a whole for the purpose of helping you, the handgun owner and carrier understand what is necessary to lawfully carry concealed.



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