BLOG BABY – Its mine and it ain’t ugly


SCAM through Larry Bolton

how are you doing??

MON 6:15PM

DON  Great. That is the spin. 70 this month. 6 kids, 23 Grand, 2 Great. Medical retired, 100% disability. But upright and still laughing. Still married (soon 50 years). Asking VA for a Medal of Honor for that. LOL

MON 11:44PM

 I’m doing well and happy with my life now ,so glad to hear from you , i have good news to share with you here Guess what ?
DON  Who are you really. The Larry Bolton I know would have blurted it out.
Have you heard about the government grant program?
DON Same dialog I had about 3 weeks ago. SCAM!
DON  Yep! If it worth my time, I would lift it and post it here. In fact I posted the communication to my time line at the time. NOT interested.
this is real money
This is specifically placed for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting and financing their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired.
DON  ROTFLMAO – Wish I could remember the name of the grant. Same line!
The grant program is a new program and i got 100,000 when i apply and you don’t have to pay it back.
you can also apply it too.
DON  Actually laughing out loud – for real!
i think you should contact the agent in charge to know if you are eligible ,do you know how to do that
DON  When I researched it, I needed to pay $127 for the application fee and then give them my bank info. LOL Right! And yes, I did contact the “agent in charge” The one with the phony name and who talked with an accent. She told me over and over I could “trust her. I wouldn’t lie to you.” Then I looked the scam up on some of the scam alert web sites. SCAM!
hold on let me check my mail and get you the Agent Link so that you can also contact her okay?
DON  So if you are the Larry Bolton I know, with the pic there, tell me something about our past a scammer would not know.
Don CLICK THE LINK message HER now that you are told about the federal government grant and you are here to claim your winning money

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