PFC – Don Leach

Turkey B&W photoshopCONFESSIONS OF A COLD WAR SPY will soon be available on Amazon or can be ordered from me direct. Most of my pictures during my military experience were in a box at my parents house when it burnt in 1972. This is one of the few survivors and provided for your interest/entertainment.

At this update, the cover is expected to be finished this coming week. The digitizer will have it prepared within about two more weeks. The off to the printer! Ta Taaaa.

Wilberg mine fire thinkingwriteTHE UNCALLED WITNESS is a memoir expose showing the complicity of the units of government in the possible/probable manslaughter of the coal miners killed in the Wilberg disaster. It is currently in proposal form with the first two draft chapters done. I as the witness, had information about the cause of this fire.  Yet it did not surface. Those who testified to the U.S. Senate either lied, or the truth was hidden from them.

The Spanish version of OREGON CONCEALED will soon be available.